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“ for 50 years, he never gave up on the tradition of lambic beer.

3 Fonteinen
Beersal, Belgium
Brew Master: Armand Debelder

In Dutch, the name 3 Fonteinen means three fountains & originally referred to the hand pumps that were used to serve the three types of beer at the inn: lambic, faro & kriek.

Like many lambic breweries and blenders, the history of 3 Fonteinen starts well before the official founding of the brewery. The founding of 3 Fonteinen dates back to 1883 when Jacobus Vanderlinden, former mayor of Beersel, and his wife opened an inn with a beer blending business on the side, in the town of Beersel. Then 1950, Gaston and his wife Raymonde took over and gave it the reputation it still holds today.

Some 30 odd years later, Gaston left the business to his son, Armand. Throughout those years working with his father, Armand had inherited the nose, the skill, and the experience from his father and used his talents to continue the noble art of blending. 

Their mission, to this day, is to stubbornly defend the tradition Armand and his father Gaston have fought for for so long.

In 2006, 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek received recognition and protection as a traditional Flemish regional product. As the lambic revival picked up in the early 2000s, 3 Fonteinen continued to be one of the most prolific and traditional producers.

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