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We approach brewing like a musician composing a song..

Alesong Brewing & Blending
Oregon, USA
Brew Master: Matt Van Wyk 


Each beer begins with an inspiration: from nature, food, or an unforgettable experience. Production is patient, personal and reflective. Like the song, each beer is our expression

Alesong was founded in 2015 by brothers Brian and Doug Coombs and veteran brewer, Matt Van Wyk with the goal to create something a little different in the Pacific Northwest. Their approach to brewing is patient and artistic. 100% of their beer is matured in barrels and then consciously blended to create a complex and unique beverage experience. Drawing inspiration from like-minded artisans across the globe, the goal is to create beers that are innovative and unique, yet approachable and balanced. And with flavors that range from tart and fruity to rich and malty, there's something for every palate.


Their wild beers are fermented and matured, primarily in retired French oak wine barrels, with mixed cultures of saccharomyces, brettanomyces and lactic acid bacteria to create a unique beer in each barrel. These beers are often also blended and fermented with fresh fruits and herbs to add further depth.

Non-wild beers are fermented with more traditional yeast cultures and then aged in "clean" (brett- and bacteria-free) barrels until they reach the maturity and flavor profile they are looking for.  


Once the beer in the barrels tells them it's ready, they sample and select each barrel individually to blend. Paying homage to old-world Lambic blenders and artisan winemakers, they believe that the final blend of a barrel-aged beer is much more satisfying than simply the sum of its parts or each individual barrel by itself. 

They believe that beer is worthy of contemplation and reverence and hope to share that passion with you.

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