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“ An experience in flavour, crafted in small batches with painstaking care..

Baird Beer
Shuzenji, Japan
Brew Master: Bryan Baird

the basic formula for the entire line up of hand crafted Baird beer is the same: balance + complexity = character

Baird Beer is a family-run craft brewery that began at the foot of Mt Fuji in Numazu, Japan. Their motto is “Celebrating Beer.” This means the comprehensive enjoyment of beer in a way that enhances the overall experience of life.

Amongst a land of brewing giants, it took a long time for Baird to be issued a brewing license. The Zeimusho bureaucrats could not believe they were applying for a license to brew on a tiny 30L batch scale. In the meantime, Baird was serving other craft beers at their Fishmarket Taproom. 

They eventually received their license to produce, which helped open up Japan to microbreweries.The scene is now thriving and Baird have upgraded their production capacity multiple times, with the new brewery located at Shuzenji, within the picturesque Izu peninsula.

Baird Beer is, above all, an experience in flavour. It is crafted in small batches with painstaking care, passion and both reverence and irreverence for tradition. The products burst with flavour and character!

Lovingly and authentically crafted, the beers are unfiltered, re-fermented in the bottle or keg, and naturally carbonated. Traditional floor malted barley, the exclusive use of whole flower hops, and minimally treated soft Izu water contribute a wholesome and unmistakable character to the beer.

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