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“ We committed from the start that we would only brew delicious beers.. 

Blasta Brewing
Perth, Australia
Brew Master: Steven Russell

 There is no space or time for average or just good, the beers must be bold, fresh and the best, using the freshest & highest quality ingredients from wherever in the world. 

Their journey began on Christmas 2015 after a gift from the wife in waiting. A true brewing passion was ignited. This was fueled 8 months later by exploring different cultures and more importantly, sampling some of the finest beers out there while on holidays around Europe and Scotland.

On their return to Australia, a decision was made, a dream locked in, and a unrelenting drive to have their very own brewery, a place to call home, a place called Blasta, Blasta Brewing Company. The word “Blasta” derives from Scottish Gaelic which translates to delicious/tasty in English.


They committed from the start that they would only brew delicious beers and would not release a beer unless it conformed to the Blasta standard. Every brew, every day, we stand by our commitment.


Each beer is designed with their own personal taste in mind, and towards what they would like to drink. They hope you like their taste in beer.

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