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focus is on brewing remarkable craft beer in new world styles with locally sourced ingredients.

Edge Brewing Project
West Melbourne, Victoria
Brew Master: Adam Betts


multi international trophy winning brewer, focusing on unfiltered, unpasteurised, natural beers, as well as travelling the world collaborating with other top brewers 

EDGE, Brewing Project, was established in 2013 by Adam Betts (Best New Brewer in Australia 2012, Best Brewer in Australia 2013, ratebeer) and Christian Skovdal Andersen of Beer Here, Denmark (Top 100 Brewers of the World, ratebeer), as a gypsy brewery while travelling. In 2014 the project wholly became Adam's with a home base in Melbourne.


The concept of each beer is initially experimented on using Edge's custom built 50L pilot brewery in West Melbourne 3003. Once perfected, they are upscaled to commercial batches, utilising selected Microbreweries with spare capacity.


Not tied down with a physical brewery, allows a flexibility to brew beers where and when desired, with many collaborations and one off brews, adding to the ongoing excitement of travel and mastering a broad range of equipment.


Cool Hops Australian Lager (ranked best pale lager in the world, 2014 ratebeer, Champion Lager, 2015 & 2016 International Beer Challenge, and highest score in category, Craft Beer Awards 2014) is the permanent release from EDGE, with a handful of limited releases available at any given time.


In 2015 Edge beers were sent overseas for the first time, entering the International Beer Challange. With 4 entries, Edge cleaned up, taking home 2 gold, 1 silver medal and 2 trophies (Brewer of the Year - Oceania & Champion Lager, up to 5% abv). And in the 2015 International Beer Cup, Edge also dominated picking up 3 medals, 1 gold and 2 silver, awarded Best Field Beer, Best Rye Beer & Best International Lager.

As of 2016, Edge now exports to 7 Countries and is in the process of opening their barrel aging room & bar in Melbourne.

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