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“ We have beer running through our veins ...and we want you to notice..

Pamplona, Spain
Brew Master: Juan Rodriguez

Head Brewer Juan Rodriguez is passionate and innovative, exploring both classic styles and more out-there endeavors, making him the highest ranked brewer in spain

Naparbier started in 2009 in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, a place probably best known for bullfights and Hemingway, and now great beer. 

Born out of passion and a commitment to turn a hobby, produce craft beer, into thier way of life. Their history begins, like many in these times, with an end, the closure of the factory where they worked. The next step led them to become what was always there when they were traveling to Germany to learn more about this world: breweries.

'We work hard in our Noáin brewery (Navarra) so you can enjoy different, natural and genuine aromas and flavors. "It's in our DNA, to source the best local ingredients, practice "slow" philosophy, zero chemical products, to help build its own character." They even experiment and brew with pumpkins from the home garden. 

They respect, with great patience, the fermentation times. They were even honored by Janis Joplin or ZZ Top in a rock soul magazine. "Artisan beer is not a niche market for us, it is not competition, it is our friends. From our tanks to your pitcher, we want you to always drink fresh beer."

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