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on wood with our house culture of wild yeast...


Bornholm, Denmark
Brew Master: Jess Anderson


The brewery is in a small fishing village of Tejn, Bornholm which is located in the middle of the Baltic sea. it has a unique climate, making it home to a wide range of grains, herbs and fruits that is used in her brewing

They have around 1000 sqm where they brew on a very primitive and old 1600 liter system. Currently, in their barrel cellars, more than 50.000 liters of beer are maturing in barrels. 


They had the goal of creating balanced beers where the acidic component serves as a balancing character without taking the stage from the malt, hops, and yeast flavours.


All their beers contain their house culture, that they created simply by placing a bucket filled with sugary beer wort underneath the apple tree in their garden and wait for the magic to happen. And it did! After a few days the wort was turned into a natural, wild beer utilising the yeast and bacteria in the air. Over the course of many months they inoculated dozens of different worts at different temperatures and ended up with a culture that provided the unique fermentation character they wanted. The resulting culture they dubbed “The Garden Party”.


They received an honorary diploma from the Danish Gastronomic institute. And in the end of 2019 they were the most awarded brewery when the Danish beer bloggers handed out awards for the beer of the year and brewery of the year. Penyllan is currently number two in denmark on

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