The vision for Northdown is to showcase truly remarkable beer from anywhere in the world. While educating and guiding drinkers through the amazing world of craft beer. 

about us


Northdown - Craft Beer Movement, was established in August 2010, by Adam Betts. His passion for craft beer ignited from the time he began managing venues and writing beer lists in 2004, while studying business marketing at La Trobe University. 


Since then he continued to develop his palate and nurture his knowledge for the art of brewing. Seeking a new challenge, after successfully opening and managing craft beer lounges, Adam was employed to run the beer division of a boutique distribution company.


In 2010 Adam completed a Certificate in Brewing (Institute of Brewing & Distilling, UK), before starting his own venture - Northdown. 

The Team 

Everyone who works at Northdown, shares the common passion and love for craft beer. We have all come from the industry and have relentless energy to further craft beer in Australia.

Why 'Craft Beer Movement'

Although it is still a small market in Australia, craft beer is what we live and breathe. It's truly a passion and lifestyle. Being much more than just a distributor, we seek to be a leading figure in the growth of the industry, and further create awareness of how amazing and versatile beer can be. 

The movement involves lots of tastings, educating and gaining knowledge, degustations - food matching, festivals, anything related to great beer and celebrating life!

Who are we? 

In a short time, Northdown built a world class portfolio, representing a hand-picked selection of the globe's best and most exciting breweries.


Northdown does not grey or parallel import, all stock is purchased direct from micro-breweries with exclusive rights to represent their brand in Australia.

We warehouse just 15km from Melbourne CBD, and cold store all of our products at a constant 2°C.



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