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island inspired isn't just a name for this Hawaiian brewery..

Kailua, Hawaii
Brew Master: Steve Haumschild


From foraging on active volcano's to collaborations with  space adventurers, NASA, Lanikai manages to put Hawaii in a bottle for the world to savor. 

Lanikai Brewing Company is an Island Inspired®, authentic Hawaiian craft beer company making 100% of their brews in Hawaii. They take their cues from premium, local, rare, and exotic ingredients grown by local farmers or foraged across the Pacific to bring you innovative, bold and flavorful beers that you will find nowhere else. 


They utilize Hawaiian terroir cultivating local native yeast and bacteria. Pour a nice solid head to breathe in the flowers and fruits, the same aromas carried by their gentle trade winds. It’s paradise in a bomber bottle, best shared with friends on the beach or anytime you want to be whisked away to the beautiful Hawaiian islands. 

Steve Haumschild, owner and brewer is quite the active environmentalist himself, ensuring Lanikai is a steadfast supporter of reducing environmental impact


and waste in every part of the process from raw goods to serving.From supporting his local farmers with purchasing the unsellable "ugly" fruit to using natural lighting to reduce energy demands in the brewery. 

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